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Tianjin Shengtai International Trade Co., Ltd.


Company Profile

Tianjin Shengtai International Trade Co., Ltd. is a 10-year-old electric bicycle exporter, including development and production, established in Tianjin, China. Now we occupy Tianjin PILOT FREE TRADE ZONE under the shoulder of special national preferential policies and unique geographical advantages. In addition, our own production line and storage are near Tianjin Port and Tianjin-Binhai International Airport, which is very convenient for transporting. For our products: we hold this truth to be self-confident that we can manufacture reliable and valuable products with 10 years industry experience. For our technology : we have independent R&D team that provides OEM and ODM. And For our service : we made every detail satisfy our clients' need. So far, we've pushed our products out to 20 countries and regions like Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, and the Middle East area. However, we never stop on the path of "Going-out". With integrity and win-win concept in line, we are looking forward to cooperating with all the domestic and foreign friends and developing together.

Scope of business: international trade; import and export business of self-supporting and agent goods and technology; daily necessities, mineral products, metal products, clothing, shoes and hats, hardware and electrical appliances, handicrafts, steel, leather products, wood products, furniture, chemical products (excluding dangerous chemicals), plastic products, wood, bicycles and parts, automobile, motorcycle accessories, building materials, ceramics Sales of porcelain products


Company History

By 2021, our Tianjin Shengtai International Trade Co., Ltd. has been established for 22 years. After 22 years of training and struggle, now our company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, design and production. Let me introduce the changes that have taken place in our company in the past 22 years.

  • 1999

    First General Assembly Line

    In 1999, we introduced the first general assembly line from Germany.In the very beginning we just had one assembly line with less than 10 workers.

  • 2000

    Design And Develop Our Own Bicycle Frames

    In 2000, we began to design and develop our own bicycle frames.This is a major change. We no longer only produce public goods. We also have our own design and apply for patents for our own design.

  • 2001

    The Spring Performance Laboratory Was Set Up In Our Factory.

    In 2001, the spring performance laboratory was set up in our factory. In the same year, bicycle with shock absorber began to be produced. Since then, we have entered the high-end mountain bike market, with more diversified products to meet the needs of different customers.

  • 2002

    Our Began To Use The New Automatic Welding Technology

    In 2002, our began to use the new automatic welding technology.Our company has always kept pace with the times, walked at the forefront of production technology, and first brought our customers a different experience.

  • 2004

    Our Second Plant Area Was Completed And Put Into Operation

    In 2004, our second plant area was completed and put into operation.We have expanded our production line, increased production and served more customers.

  • 2007

    Our Factory's First Independent Brand Electric Motorcycle Came Out

    In 2007, our factory's first independent brand electric motorcycle came out.We have entered a new market and have new goals. That year, we determined to occupy a place in the market of electric motorcycles.

  • 2009

    The New Corrosion Laboratory Purchased Multiple Instruments For Product Quality Gain

    In 2009, the new corrosion laboratory purchased multiple instruments for product quality gain.Product quality is the life of business, which is the will we have always adhered to. Quality control is becoming more and more professional. Until today, we have been committed to how to make the quality of products more high-end.

  • 2010

    Our Company Participated In The Exhibition For The First Time, Changing From Manufacturing Factory To Producer.

    In 2010, Our Company Participated In The Exhibition For The First Time, Changing From Manufacturing Factory To Producer. + trader.In the same year,our company ushered in the first foreign customer. International trade is a market that every factory must enter. Facing the world and becoming a supplier to more foreign customers, we have been trying to provide the world with the highest quality products made in China.

  • 2011

    The Total Output Of Our Company Was Over One Million

    In 2011, the total output of our company was over one million. Product line more than 10, more than 100 styles.The trend of international trade globalization is becoming more and more clear. With the recognition of our products by customers, our market is becoming larger and wider. Products made in China are increasingly recognized by people all over the world.

  • 2014

    The Third Factory Area Of Our Company Was Put Into Us

    In 2014, the third factory area of our company was put into use.The first two production lines can no longer meet the demand of more and more orders. We must strengthen production, shorten delivery time, better serve customers and bring customers the most convenient service.

  • 2017

    Our Company Exported More Than Two Hundred Thousand Of Its Products

    In 2017, Our Company Exported More Than Two Hundred Thousand Of Its Products.We have made remarkable achievements, which all depend on our strict quality control and high-quality service quality. Customers are more and more satisfied with us, which makes our business bigger and bigger. This year, our order volume has made a qualitative leap.

  • 2021

    Development And Design Of Battery Mountain Bike

    In 2021, our company has completed the development and design of many lithium battery mountain bikes, and has a large number of customers in North America and some European countries.We have always been at the forefront of new markets, discovering the latest business opportunities, bringing greater market to our company, and helping our customers seize the market in their country.

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