Tricycle de mobilité à 3 roues

All About The Wonderful 3 Wheel Mobility Trike

Are you prepared to explore the great planet of 3 Wheel Mobility Trike? A great many people will be able to enjoy this vehicle, from those in their forties down to the very youngest school-kids! After all, we were already on the road so why not dive deeper into one of these neat little trikes with a visit to Trike City!

Pros of the 3-Wheeled Mobility Trike

We explain the 3 Wheel Mobility Trike in relation to a regular bicycle or scooter. It not only time-saving but also very user friendly especially for people with immobility issues. It is quite easy to set up and use as well. This trike is so cool it only takes a little bit of pushing, perfect for those with mobility problems. Furthermore, it also capable of taking on any terrain with ease. The solid build quality and patented design offer improved strength, protecting against a fall to make sure you get home safe.

L'innovation en action

Introducing the amazing GForce 3 Wheel Mobility Trike! This up-to-the-minute answer replaces the staid traditional mobility aids with a sportier, more attractive design. The three-wheel nature of this trike gives you outstanding stability when navigating rough terrains or at up to highway speeds. Made from 6000 series aerospace grade aluminum alloys, this speedster walks the line between solid and lightweight - making for a ride that is both silky smooth AND rock solid.

    Donner la priorité à la sécurité

    The 3 Wheel Mobility Trike is all about safety. Due to clever design and low-center of gravity, the trike is much less likely to tip over. Furthermore, the seats and handlebars are adjustable to fit any body size, so you can enjoy long rides without being uncomfortable. It has been fitted with powerful brakes which provides quicker as well as a safer stop in case an emergency arises.

    Why choose Shengtai 3 wheel mobility trike?

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