Industry status

In 2021, the price of electric bicycles increased at least three times. That is bcz of the steel price grown up as well as other materials. The market is not stable and also the sea ship situation. Our Tianjin Shengtai International Trade Co.,Ltd always pays attention to the market trend, strictly controls the product quality and does not disturb the normal international market order. Control the cost on the premise of ensuring the quality. So this year's market instability has not had a great impact on us.

Development and expectation

In 2021, our main products are still mountain bike, electric mountain bike, electric scooter and electric motor. This year, we focused most of our energy on the development and sales of electric mountain bikes.New products are being on continually researched and developed to meet the demand of variable markets.. On the basis of the original professional, to maximize the upgrading of each product, while reducing costs, to provide better services for customers.

In last year, the mountain bike market was so hot all over the world. The international market almost be full nowadays. So we should find a new business point. That is why we started the development of the electric mountain bike. This should be next market point in the future.

Electric mountain bike meets the needs of ordinary mountain bike users and electric bike users. This is a new wind - green travel. It is a combination of technology and sports. Electric mountain bike has many uses. It can be used for entertainment, exercise and transportation.

We have developed fat tire electric mountain bike, folding electric mountain bike, folding fat tire electric mountain bike, torque sensor assistance mountain bike. Normally we choose rear wheel motor, but nowadays we are also developed middle motor. For example the electric travelling bike and some special electric bikes.

Post time: Sep-06-2021